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Entered: 12/11/2000
Last Updated: 10/24/2017

Persons Holding Credentials From
The Baltic Union Conference
(as shown in the 2017 Yearbook)

Ministerial Credential:

Guntis Bukalders, David Nommik, Mindaugas Pikunas, Viesturs Rekis.

Ministerial Credential:

Honorary/Emeritus: Armands Berzinsh, Juris Bite, Viktors Geide, Arijs Glazers, Ojars Incenbergs, Alfreds Jakobsons, Tonu Jugar, Rein Kask, Sergejs Koncha, Modris Lapa, Agnis Liepins, Almants Liepins, Roland Lohmus, Valdek Lohmus, Heino E Lukk, Viktor Noginovski, Mati Ploompuu, Genarijs Roderts, Laimonis Tomsons, Andrejs Zilgalvis.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Alla Nommik.

Commissioned Minister Credential:

Honorary/Emeritus: Ruta Zilgalve.

Administrative Ministries Credential:

Zigurds Laudurgs.

Missionary Credential:

Krista Markusa.